BOOK - Sourdough Scott's Bedtime Fairy Tales

This children's book, Sourdough Scott's Bedtime Fairy Tales, was written by Daniel Janik, who now lives in Hawaii, and illustrated by me. The book is comprised of three stories set in Alaska; Three Bears, Wolf and Moon, and Otter Girl. The first, Three Bears, gives a possible explanation for why Alaska is home to three kinds of bears; Polar, Brown and Black. The second story, Wolf and Moon, is a cautionary tale about being content in your life and the results of being selfish. The third story, Otter Girl, is a story about love and loyalty.

These are not traditional Alaskan native folklore, but are original stories created by Dan Janik. The illustrations are in pencil. Cover art is my original drawing with digitally enhanced color.

Price: $12 plus actual shipping