BOOK - Song of the Raven

Song of the Raven is a book I wrote and illustrated for small children up to about age 10. It is a story about the circle of life in the Alaskan wilderness. I wrote the book to help children understand death and its place in life. The book shows death by accident, by a predator, and from old age and how each death is part of the circle of life. The illustrations are pen & ink. To add interest for those who are re-reading the story there are two small animals (a squirrel and a mouse) hidden within the pages. The borders around each picture also change as each animal dies and is replaced by another. Sample pages below.

Teachers: This story is good for explaining death so that small children can understand. It also has examples of repitition, is written in rhyme, and shows various Alaskan animals in their natural habitat. If you live within the Municipality of Anchorage, I am willing to come to your school or library and read the story for younger children.

Price: $12 plus actual shipping